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As of 15 December 2023, data, tools and analysis are no longer offered through

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In 2020, Global Canopy, Stockholm Environment and Neural Alpha launched Trase Finance to bring transparency to the financial flows behind the global trade in forest risk commodities. The first platform of its kind, Trase Finance galvanised interest, in the finance sector and beyond, in assessing and tackling the role of loans and investments in enabling deforestation. It showed the need and ability to map the web of connections between financiers, asset classes, traders and land use. Trase Finance brought the scale of “indirect” financing exposures identified by this approach to the forefront.

As demand grows for more agile and responsive data offerings to support financial institutions to achieve deforestation-free portfolios, Trase and Neural Alpha are winding down the Trase Finance project.

For continued access to data on deforestation, biodiversity, and soft commodity supply chains that can support the finance sector to address their exposure to nature, please have a look at the following resources:

  1. Trase (
  2. Forest IQ (
  3. Responsible Capital (

Thank you for your interest and engagement on Trase Finance.

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Contact the Trase team at [email protected]

Contact the Neural Alpha team at [email protected]

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